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Short Game

Short Game

Callaway Chip Stix


I actually use the Callaway Chip Stix as a full swing training aid with my students as well, even though it was designed to eliminate the most common chipping or pitching swing faults to help improve the short game.


It attaches to any wedge or iron and will reinforce proper technique - from the backswing into a correct finishing position - making sure you keep your hands ahead of the ball at impact and impart more spin for better control around the green. 

Maxfli Collapsible Alignment Stick


Whether you are using them to set up your putting block station, get feedback on your chipping or to groove a stronger, more consistent golf swing, alignment sticks are a must-have golfer's training aid.  


Each Maxfli Collapsible Alignment Stick has a pointed end that can easily be placed into the ground, or laid flat, to aid with swing path and body position. When your training session is over, each stick collapses down for convenient storage.



eGolfRings are simple, easy-to-use training aids that give visual "targets" to known areas around the hole. Starting at 10 inches in diameter for putting and going up to a full size of 12 feet, the durable, easy-to- transport eGolfRings give visual assistance when training for the short game.  Larger eGolfRings fold up easily for taking wherever you want to practice.